Manmohan Singh asked about The Accidental Prime Minister.

What does former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh think about Anupam Kher’s The Accidental Prime Minister? The question was indeed posed to him but the veteran politician chose to stay silent with a hint of a smile.

The trailer of the film was released on Thursday (December 27). Anupam Kher plays Manmohan Singh, who served two terms as Prime Minister between 2004 and 2014.

In a video tweeted by news agency ANI, Dr Manmohan Singh can be seen coming out of a car. It appeared as though he wanted to say something to the press.

However, when a reporter asked him about the movie, the former PM walked on without saying anything.

The trailer has garnered more than 5 million views within first 20 hours of its release on Youtube.

The Congress has objected to the film. The Maharashtra Youth Congress president Satyajeet Tambe has decided to knock the doors of the court against the film.

“The film seems to be a ploy to defame our respected leaders. We have asked for a pre screening and if there is anything objectionable, we will stop the release and if needed will also go to the court,” Tambe said.

But the BJP has hit back calling the opposition by Congress as double standards.

“When a south Indian movie was marred by controversy for objectionable words for GST, the Congress called it freedom of expression. And now they are conveniently opposing the same freedom of speech,