‘Size of the cake matters’, PM Modi on $5 trillion economy in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday told a gathering largely of BJP members that his aim of turning India into a $5-trillion economy will transform the lives of each and every family in the country and was therefore an important mission requiring people participation.

“Size of the cake matters,” PM said, suggesting that the bigger the cake, the greater everyone’s share is likely to be and therefore it made sense to expand Indian economy to $5 trillion. This wealth will not only transform the earning of each family but also their lives, he added.

Prime Minister said that India needed to come out of the psychological trap of celebrating poverty which was linked to the cycle of low-income, low-expenditure that was holding the economy back.

Prime Minister described himself as a ‘son of Kashi’ while asking BJP members to go door to door to explain what his government’s dream of turning India into a $5 trillion economy actually meant for them.

He said that several critics had expressed doubt if it was possible for India to become $5-trillion economy. He then recited a few Hindi couplets to suggest that his government’s resolve was stronger than the difficulties it faced. The dream of ‘New India’ was intricately linked to the ambition of making India a $5-trillion economy.