Rakesh Roshan on his fight against cancer: ‘I got a bit scared, tongue is the worst place to have cancer’

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has opened up about his cancer and how he fought the disease. Speaking with SpotBoye in an interview, Rakesh said, “It all began with a blister which refused to go despite using several applications of prescriptions from my family doctor. It was a small one – no pain, no itching. One day, I had gone to meet a friend of mine in Hinduja Hospital. While walking out, I just saw a board of an ENT surgeon outside his cabin. I met him impromptu and he advised me biopsy. I don’t know why but I had a gut right from the beginning that I have contracted cancer. I was at Hrithik’s place when I got a call that I had tested positive in biopsy. It was Dec 15 (2018), I clearly remember.”

Asked how Hrithik reacted to his diagnosis, Rakesh added, “As I said, these things are not new for us. So, we address these issues and go all out to rectify them. Never get into a depression. Live life. Cancer is just a big name.”